How to Find Good Day Care for Your Infant

DayCare Infant Center Photo

Infants playing inside daycare center

Infant Daycare is Easy to Find

Finding good daycare is a very easy matter if you are a new parent. If you live in a big city, there are bound to be many places that offer daycare services for your infant. However, if you are left with so many choices, you need to choose among them to find which one is most suitable for you and your infant. Now let’s examine that factors you’ll need to consider.


Transportation is a major factor in determining your choice of daycare. If you are constantly commuting from your work to home to daycare center, you might want to rethink your choice. It is best to find one that is close to both your work and home, like in the middle of your commute. This way you can pick up your child easily and not have to worry about traffic and getting stressed out. Another reason you want your daycare center to be relatively close is that in case of an emergency, you can pick up your child easily. Imagine an earthquake suddenly happens and you are across town that would not be ideal.

How Safe is the Neighborhood

So you have found a daycare center that is close by but now you need to start thinking about what kind of neighborhood it’s in. Be aware moms with babies are often the biggest victims in dangerous neighborhoods as you can be very helpless when you have a vulnerable baby in your arms. Most thieves prey on young mothers so you need to make sure you are in a safe environment. A good sign the daycare center is in a safe place is to check out the nature of stores close by. Are these corner stores with barred windows? How are the people dressed and what do they seem to be doing in the streets? Do you see trash on the floor and overflowing garbage bins? You get the point.

Daycare Center Staff

The next thing to look for in a good daycare center is to pay attention to the staff. All daycare center employees should have a master’s degree and have no prior criminal convictions. You will be surprised at how many daycare centers employ ex-convicts and serial murderers and rapists. Ask for a copy of their employees histories and make sure they are who they say they are. Obviously, if you see a big burly man with tattoos in an orange jumpsuit, you should not place your baby anywhere near the place and probably report to the police. However, most places are relatively safe with good natured employees. Ask the daycare center if you can observe your child for the first time they are there and see how the staff treats and interact with your child. Look for signs of misplaced anger and aggressive behavior.

Final Steps

Now that you have narrowed down your search and found the perfect place, you need to put all your finances together. Give the staff all your emergency contact information including phone numbers, email, fax, Skype, Facebook, etc. Nothing is ever too much in case of emergencies. Give them your husband or wives’ contact information as well. You should also consider giving them your parents and other relatives just in case. If your baby has any medical conditions or allergies, you should inform them beforehand and give them a supply of any needed medication like inhalers or pills. Lastly, give them health insurance information, and your preferred hospital and health care provider. In an emergency, nothing is ever too much.


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